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Casey and Jordan - Anal Sex
I've never been so eager to be butt-ass naked in front of a guy before!. I could definitely get used to that ... 90 pics.
Matthew and Pavel - Fucking Hard
Well, you're going to break him in," I said to Pavel. "You're going to be his first!. 60 pics.
Brodie and Phillip - Hardcore Sex
Before Brodie started fucking Phillip he really took his time and aggressively fucked his face... 82 pics.
Brandon and Pavel - Anal Sex
There's always something spectacular about two big muscle guys getting together. A meeting of the titans!. 69 pics.
Pavel and Derek - Anal Sex
These two muscle studs were really hot together and I loved the contrast of their skin. 62 pics.
Pavel and Karl - Anal Sex
He had Pavel's cock down his throat and he had his face buried in Pavel's hairy ass crack. 77 pics.
Jed and Jamie - Hardcore
Jamie is a great kisser and he's even better at sucking cock. 76 pics.
Jed and Pavel - Hardcore
His hairy ass really got fucked! And all of that fucking made Pavel dump the biggest load I've ever seen him shoot!. 72 pics.
Jason and Brodie - Anal Sex
Jason deep throated Brodie until tears came out of his eyes!. 95 pics.
Franklin and Calvin - Anal Sex
He asked to see Franklin's balls, and Franklin was happy to oblige. 76 pics.
Grayson and Paul - Hardcore
Well, I haven't been fucked in a while, Grayson said. And no one has ever licked my ear!. 69 pics.
Raymond and Pavel - Hardcore
He was excited. And so was I! Two muscular studs ready to fuck... talk about a meeting of the titans!. 71 pics.
Young Couple Fucking Hard
Two young amateur guys having sex. 85 pics.
Fucking In The Bath
A young gay couple having sex in the bathroom. 100 pics.
Paul and Jamie - Oral Sex
Joking aside, he does have a great way of making someone feel comfortable and whether he's getting fucked. 50 pics.
Paul and Karl - Anal Sex
Paul seemed really happy as well. He really likes an enthusiastic partner and Karl is definitely that. 65 pics.
Paul and Derek - Anal Sex
I loved the interaction between these two. They were talking and laughing like old friends. 78 pics.
Jordan and Ethan - Anal Sex
It was almost as if he was apologizing for having a huge cock!. 65 pics.
Jordan and Pavel - Hardcore
They took turns giving each other head until their dicks were hard and ready to fuck. 74 pics.
Jamie and Brodie - Anal Sex
He hadn't had a lot of experience getting fucked. I think he thought it was going to hurt. 68 pics.

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